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Optimize your Apple Mac Book Pro in 9 Simple Steps

Computer systems become slower with time. Sometimes malicious viruses or other harmful programs slow down system. Application overload and outdated software updates also cause lagging of computers. Even though MacBook Pro computers are sturdier and lesser prone to complications, yet they can’t avoid computer issues completely. With long usage, Mac computers do become slow as other computers. Optimizing the system will not only help in increasing the speed of the Mac but it will also increase the performance of the system. Read the following steps to optimize your apple MacBook Pro simply. You can also select to consult the experts of MacBook Technical Support for a detailed guidance.

 - You can easily optimize your Mac by closing the applications that you are not currently using. Look at the dock on the screen. The running applications will have a blue circle under them showing that they are currently running. Click and hold the icon of the application until you see three options, choose the Quit option to close the option.

-          One of the basic and simple ways to fast up your Mac computer is to reboot it. Click on Apple menu and then select Restart. For any inconvenience, contact at MacBook Tech Support team for any help.

-          Startup items tend to lag down systems after some time of usage. Hence it is advisable to selectively clear them. Go to Apple menu and the click on System Preferences. In this section go to Accounts and then Login Items, which will show you the Startup items. Excessive list of startup items increase the booting time of your computer. You can either remove the items you don’t want to begin at startup or you can uninstall the programs that you don’t longer use.

-          Closing off the options you don’t use anymore can also benefit greatly in optimizing your Mac. Open the System Preferences in the Apple menu. There must be certain features that you might not be using frequently, such as Bluetooth and Universal Access. Uncheck the boxes of the features that you wish to turn off.

-          It is advisable to use and store your Mac in a cool and dry environment. You can also use a useful feature called Fan Control, which automatically adjusts the speed of the fan based on the temperature of your Mac computer.

-          There are various widgets available in Mac computers. Delete the widgets that you don’t use frequently so that these widgets couldn’t take up memory space.

-          It is recommended to check the activity monitor time to time. You will find the activity monitor in the Utilities folder. Check if any program is using up a large amount of RAM.

-          Don’t overburden your hard drive. Delete any picture, movies, song and document that you don’t need no longer but taking up extra space of your hard drive. Frequently cleanup up the trash.

-          Download a right maintenance application and run it daily on your Mac. These applications optimize the performance of your apple mac computer by clearing the cache and checking other performance issues.

Hopefully, your MacBook pro should be running better now after using these optimization tips. However if you face any issue with your Mac, you can contact the skilled and experienced experts of MacBook Pro Technical Support team. 


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